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With Coral, we build beneficial and privacy-preserving AI

As Belgium's early adopters of Coral, we are proud to announce our official partnership. Coral allows us to build products that are efficient, private, fast, and offline. With their on-device inferencing capabilities, we have a complete toolkit to build AI products on the edge. Let's dive into why we opt to implement Coral in our hardware.

By using Coral, we can guarantee that our local AI devices are privacy-centered. For instance, when one of our devices has to analyze certain images, we have to keep privacy in mind. This is why we develop our hardware on the Edge. This way, it does not have to be sent to the cloud and the data can be processed locally. With Coral, we can do this while ensuring the devices are highly efficient.

Compared to other Edge AI prototyping hardware, Coral is the fastest to set up, if you keep performance in mind. The advantage of using Coral is that it is highly specific hardware that goes from zero to very high performance in a small timeframe.

While its performance is astounding, it's also a developer-friendly product. When you have the right expertise, it is fairly simplistic to develop embedded software that uses Coral. It's quite straightforward to use, as the documentation is kept up-to-date and clear.

Discover Coral in our products

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Telly, our Coral-powered crowd monitoring solution

With Coral, we can keep user data private by performing all inferences locally. Moreover, we can deploy our devices in the field, even when connectivity is limited.

Discover Telly


Our insights on Coral

Over the years, we've experimented, worked, and developed with Coral. In our blogs, we share our insights with you.

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