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We envision a future where green intelligent systems bring value to earth, space, and beyond

Our mission

At Edgise, we accelerate the transition to this new world by delivering projects, services, and products that support extreme edge computing needs for space and earth. We strive for perfect co-optimisation between hardware and software components.


Data generated in the space industry is growing at a rapid pace. Artificial intelligence is finding its way to space, resulting in more intelligent and autonomous space systems. However, space industry systems are not designed to process current state-of-the-art AI algorithms because of their resource constraints in size, weight, power consumption, and limited processing capabilities.

This is where Edgise comes in. We help build systems for the upstream and downstream space industry to make decisions locally with artificial intelligence running on the edge. We are currently active in the satcom, earth observation, and launcher business, designing energy-efficient, low power, high-performance real-time edge AI systems.

Discover cases

Our network

As more and more satellites and space crafts are launched, more and more analysis and real-time decisions are needed. The solution? Computation at the edge in space.

We are not by ourselves in the world of edge computing in space, as players of all sizes surround us. The possibilities from a technological point of view are endless.

In setting up our collaborations and launching our projects, we take responsibility for our planet. We envision a world where green intelligent space systems can bring value to earth, space, and beyond. Hence, we firmly believe that the power will lie in a trustworthy ecosystem with all kinds of players in the space tech industry.

Do you share the same vision? We are always interested in setting up projects and extending our partnership network to augment our skills and insights into the space technology industry. Just contact us here.
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Our advisory board

In addition to our network, we believe we must surround ourselves internally with the best people in the space business. Our advisory board consists of space, business, and technology professionals who guide us through space-related challenges.

Stephan Roemer

Space Industry Advisor

As Business Development Manager at Antwerp Space (OHB Group), Stephan has more than 20 years’ experience in the commercial Smallsat as well as the ESA & Defense domain, including teaching at universities and working for research and industry. As member of IAA and different European expert groups (e.g. EIC & EDA) he will guide Edgise in the business cases and developments targeting AI & ML in the space technology & application market.

Geertrui-Mieke De Ketelaere

Business & Technology Advisor

With over 25 years of management and business development experience in strategic and innovative business solutions, Mieke helps us align our vision around artificial intelligence in space on a technological, sustainable and business level.